Custom Orders

Naturali Home is thrilled to offer our customers the ability to place custom orders of our soy candles and handcrafted soap! Whether you're planning a special event, wedding, or just want to give a unique and personalized gift, we've got you covered!

We offer a wide range of scents and can customize labels to match your event or personal style. Plus, our custom orders come at discounted prices, so you can enjoy the benefits of our products while also saving money.

Please read the guides below for more information on how to place a custom order. The easiest ordering method is through the contact form on this page as it is distributed to our team as soon as you click 'submit'.

Naturali Home accepts custom order requests via the following methods:

  • Fill out the form at the bottom of this page (Easiest)
  • Email us at
  • Call our team at (860) 536-1771
  • Visit our retail store

NOTE: We require a minimum lead time of 4 weeks for Custom Candle Orders and 6 weeks for Custom Handcrafted Soap Orders. These lead times are in place to ensure quality of each and every order.

Pricing is based on a variety of factors including material availability, product size(s), product scents/options and labor. When you submit a Custom Order Request, a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss product options and give you a quote/estimate.

Security Deposits: Depending on order quantity and delivery method, Naturali Home may require a security deposit of up to 50% of the order total. If a security deposit is required, we will send an invoice to collect payment before production will begin. Upon completion of the order, we will invoice you for the remaining balance on the order before we ship it or your item(s) are marked as ready for pickup. In the event that a cancellation request is made, you will not receive a refund for your security deposit (unless production has not begun).

Payment Upfront: Some custom orders may be required to be paid for upfront before production can begin. This is normally done with highly customized orders that require materials or ingredients that we do not typically have in stock.

  1. Once an order is placed, a member of our team will reach out to you via email to discuss your order and to ask any questions before giving you an estimate. This team member will be your primary contact through the entire process. They will ask for a timeline or due date if you have not provided one already.
  2. Once you have the estimate, you can either Accept the estimate or Modify/Cancel your Custom Order. If the estimate required any sort of down payment or security deposit, we will send you a link to our payment portal.
  3. Your order will go into our production queue based on the agreed upon timeline.
  4. Once production and labeling/packaging (if requested) is completed, we will reach out to you to advise you that your order is ready to be shipped or picked up.
  5. You will be responsible to pay any remaining balance (including shipping fees) on the order BEFORE it can be shipped or picked up.

NOTE: If you need to modify the order in any way, you must request said modification before production begins. Any modifications to an order after production has commenced may be approved at the sole discretion of Naturali Home.

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