About Us

We started our journey in late 2015 under the name “Lighthouse Soap Company" making handcrafted soaps in Gales Ferry, CT as an entirely online operation and quickly outgrew our limited space.

In the years (and multiple relocations) since, we've changed almost everything about the company including rebranding as Naturali Home. Now offering a full range of Home & Garden products such as Handcrafted Soap, Soy Candles, Home Decor, Live Plants and so much more!

Our retail store, production, and company offices are now located in Groton, CT right on U.S. Route 1. Moving to our new facility allowed us to modernize our operations, saving on operating expenses — resulting in lower prices on many items for you!

Our team’s focus is on improving every aspect of your customer experience. We're also redeveloping our sales strategy by allowing all customers access to Bulk Pricing and new products like Tropical House Plants and Gardening Supplies.


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