• Join

    Getting started with 'Perks' is easy and can be done two different ways:

    1. Make a Purchase at our Retail Location in Groton, CT and request an emailed receipt.
    2. Create a free Naturali Home Account on our website. When you get to your account dashboard, just click on the 'Perks' link in the menu.

  • Earn

    Everytime you complete a qualifying action or purchase, you will get points added to your balance. Points are earned for the following:

    • Making a Purchase Online or In-Store: +5pts for every dollar spent
    • Online Account Creation: +600pts
    • Like Our FB Page: +100pts
    • Share On FB: +100pts
    • Follow On Insta: +100pts

    You'll also receive 200pts as a gift from us to you on your Birthday. You must add your birthday at least two weeks in advance to earn the associated points.

  • Redeem

    You can redeem points when you have reached the amount required for a specific reward. Current rewards are listed in the 'Perks' Dashboard.

    Note: For customers that purchase in store: You must provide your email before the transaction begins and ask to redeem points. Rewards are not able to be applied automatically

Terms & Conditions Apply. By Signing up for Naturali Home Perks, you agree to the Naturali Home Terms of Sale & Other Company Policies.

Frequent Questions

Why weren't my points added to my balance?

Sometimes it takes up to one hour for points to be added to your account. Points will also not be added if you do not use your email at checkout (In-Store) or sign into your account (Online).

We are always happy to add your 'missed points' to your account as long as the purchase was within the last 365 days. Just message our team and give us as much info as you can. Your points will be credited within 48 hours.

What information do I need to Join 'Perks'?

The Naturali Home Perks Program can be joined with just the following:

  1. First & Last Name (Required)
  2. Email (Required)
  3. Password (Online Only)

We may also ask you for additional information or to link social accounts, but only the information listed above is required.

Can I earn points at your store in Groton?

Yes you most certainly can! You just need to follow the following steps:

  1. Browse our storefront and bring your selections to the checkout counter.
  2. Provide your email or phone number so we can lookup your profile -or- create a customer profile if this is your first time shopping with us.
  3. If you are redeeming points, let us know before you pay so it can be added to your order. We cannot refund or modify transactions after payment because of a missed reward or discount.
  4. After payment, your earned points should be added to your account within an hour.

What if I make a return?

Generally, we do not allow returns on most products. Please review our Terms of Sale for details on which products can be returned and/or exchanged.

If we approve a return request, the proportional amount of points will be removed from your balance. This process is automatic and will take place within one hour of the order being marked as 'Returned'.

I am no longer interested, how do I opt-out of future participation?

Visit our Contact Page to send a message to our team requesting that you are removed from Perks Program participation.

NOTE: You will be automatically re-enrolled if you request an emailed receipt or sign up for our newsletter.