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Satin Tea Mug & Infuser (16oz)

Satin Tea Mug & Infuser (16oz)

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Elevate your daily tea ritual with our Satin Tea Mug. With its delightful satin finish, ergonomic design, and fine stainless steel infuser, this 16 oz handcrafted ceramic mug is perfect for brewing both loose leaf tea and our premium pyramid tea sachets. Choose from nature-inspired colors to match your style.

Finally, a mug that understands your daily tea needs. This handcrafted ceramic mug is equipped with a high-quality stainless steel infuser, specially designed for brewing loose leaf teas. Once you're done steeping, the infuser fits neatly into the accompanying saucer, which also doubles as a lid to keep your tea warm.

But this mug isn't just for loose leaf aficionados. A handy notch is integrated into the design, making it convenient for those times you prefer brewing with a pyramid tea sachet or a traditional tea bag.

The satin finish on this mug is both aesthetically pleasing and tactilely satisfying, offering a comfortable grip as you sip.

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