Cold Weather Plant Protection (Nov-April)

Naturali Home offers Cold Weather/Winter Plant Protection on all orders containing one or more live plants (Air Plants, Succulents & Tropical House Plants). This plant protection varies in price based on the number of plants in your order to add Cold Weather Plant Protection to your order, CLICK HERE.

Please note that Cold Weather Plant Protection is REQUIRED on all orders containing a live plant during the months of November-April and will be automatically added. If you remove the Winter Plant Protection from your cart during the months listed above, we are unable to accommodate any requests for a replacement or refund to store credit. We will attempt to contact you to add this to your order in the event it was removed by mistake.

It is your responsibility to choose the proper Cold Weather Plant Protection option.

Filing a Claim for Cold Weather Related Damage

Any damage related to Cold Weather must be reported within 48 hours of delivery. Damage of any kind must be made through our website's Damage Claim Form in order for us to submit all of the required information to our Greenhouse and Shipping Partners. If you removed the Cold/Winter Weather Protection from your cart before checkout (Nov-April) or did not have the appropriate level of protection chosen, your claim will be denied.