Naturali Home LLC Terms Of Sale

Below is a quick guide highlighting the key portions of our Terms of Sale. Be sure to read the full policy as it does apply to all Retail, Online & Wholesale Purchases from Naturali Home LLC dba Naturali Home. Should you have aany questions, please fill out the form on the bottom of this page and we will provide an initial reply within 24 hours. By placing an order online or making an in store purchase at our Retail Store in Groton, CT, you agree to the below terms in their entirety.

By entering our Retail Store Front, Workshop, Production and Office Facility located at 787 Long Hill Road Groton, CT 06340 (referred to as 'Our Facility'), you agree to and understand the following additional disclosures, rules & policies of Naturali Home LLC:

  • Our company including the 'Naturali Home' trade/brand name are wholly owned by Naturali Home LLC.
  • We use 24/7 video & audio surveillance to protect our facility, assets, personnel and customers. Such recordings may be securely stored for future reference (at our sole discretion).
  • Harassment (as determined by our management team) of our staff, customers or company will not be tolerated. If we deem (at our sole discretion) that your behavior can be classified as harassment, you will be banned from our facility and the Town of Groton Police Department will be notified.
  • Pricing may be changed and discounts/promos/sales may be altered or ended at any time with or without notice at our sole discretion.
  • Our in store team does not manage accounts receivable or accounts payable. For assistance with either, you are REQUIRED to email our Billing & Account Management Team at We are unable to provide assistance with any account, agreement or contract to which Naturali Home LLC is not a party.
  • All sales are final. Refunds are made at the sole discretion of Naturali Home LLC. If we approve a refund, it will be made in the form of a Naturali Home Gift Card (Store Credit). We are unable to provide a refund to your original payment method.

Even though our Terms of Sale is extremely thorough and should answer many of your questions, Naturali Home LLC does have additional Policies. By doing one or more of the below 'qualifying acts', you agree to the additional policies that can be found at

Qualifying Acts by you that show that you have read and agree to the additional policies at the website link above:

  • Placing an Order on our website or through a third party marketplace where our products are listed
  • Making a Purchase at our Retail Store in Groton, CT
  • Entering any personal information on our website or giving said information to a member of our staff
  • Physically entering our Retail Store in Groton, CT
  • Attending a workshop hosted or sponsored by Naturali Home LLC
  • Continuing to use our website or electronic resources
  • By communicating with us via phone or email

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